Summary administration probate in Florida If you’re serving as an out-of-state executor, a local attorney can walk you through the probate process. John Mangan is an experienced Florida estate planning attorney who is board certified in Wills, Trusts & Estates by the Florida Bar. At Law Offices of John Mangan, P.A., we have assisted many clients with Florida probate.

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As you can see, there are ways you can avoid probate in the state of Florida. What will work best for you will depend on your specific circumstances and your specific assets. It is wise to discuss your situation with one of our experienced Ayo and Iken Florida estate attorneys in order to determine the best way to proceed in order to avoid probate.

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If you need to shepherd an estate through probate in Pennsylvania, you’ll probably get good help from the local court, including downloadable court forms. But be prepared; the process can take a while, and you’ll need to make regular reports to the court. Fortunately, many assets can be transferred to the people who inherit them without probate.

Florida law requires that an estate have an attorney in addition to a personal representative. If you cannot afford a lawyer, contact your local bar association and ask about reduced fee or pro bono assistance. attorneys are paid out of the estate, and state law provides a fee schedule based on the value of the estate.

At L. Bruce Swiren, P.A., Attorneys at Law, our lawyers have over 35 years of combined experience handling out of state probate cases in the Orlando, Florida, area and throughout the State of Florida. The out of state probate process is not optional.. If you want to distribute ownership of the property, sell or mortgage the Florida property.

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Below you will find a list of four easy ways to avoid probate in Florida. What will work the best in your situation will depend on many factors, including how your assets are titled, who you want to inherit your estate, how much of your lifetime gift tax exemption you have used, and how concerned you are about creditor and asset protection.