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Overview Conciliation Court is also known as "small claims" court.General claims of $15,000 or less can be filed in Conciliation Court.Once you file a claim, you cannot later file another claim for more money related to the same event(s). Conciliation Court procedures are easier to follow and the filing fee is lower than at the District Court level. A person does not have to have a lawyer in.

What is a Small Claims Lawsuit? In the small claims division of the district court you can bring a lawsuit against anyone who owes you money. You can sue a person or business, which has caused damage to your property or possessions. The maximum you can collect through a judgment in small claims court is $5,500.

Small Claims Courts, created and operated by state and local. The basic purpose of small claims courts is to help people. Expenses such as time lost from work are not usually recoverable.

"Don’t ask about salary history anymore, don’t tell employees they can’t talk about their wages, and don’t retaliate against.

(KOIN) [ + – ] VANCOUVER, Wash. (KOIN) — If customers get a raw deal from a business or a property owner is wronged by a neighbor, victims are supposed to be able to get justice when they sue in.

A small claims case must be filed in the county of the defendant's residence, or in the case of. The state of Washington may not be sued in small claims court.

Although not required in Small Claims Court, any persons or businesses involved in the proceedings may be represented by a lawyer if they wish. Another aspect of a small claims proceeding is that a judge may ask to hear any evidence deemed relevant and proper, since the technical rules of evidence do not apply in a small claims proceeding.

If the judge in small claims court rules in your favor, or if a default judgment is issued because the defendant fails to appear or defend the case, the court will issue a judgment for a specific amount of money. This amount will include court costs as well as the amount the court has stipulated you be paid.

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Go to the appropriate small claims court (some even have evening hours). state laws may require you to use the small claims court: in your jurisdiction, where.