Hillary Clinton celebrates her Super Tuesday victory at a rally in Miami. Random thoughts and musing on the state of the Democratic race: Hillary Clinton won seven states, Bernie Sanders won four.

WATCH hillary clinton sweeps super Tuesday States.. want the next president to be an insider, lower than in most of today's other states.

“We pretty much got wiped out on Super Tuesday. Hillary Clinton president. In his telling, putting a Clinton in the White.

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After the Super Tuesday polls closed, the former secretary of state Hillary Clinton is looking to be the big Democratic winner in Georgia, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Alabama.. Donald Trump has a substantial lead over his rivals in the primaries and is the projected GOP winner, according to multiple news outlets.

On Sunday, NBC News reported that the president's re-election campaign. beat hillary clinton with narrow but decisive margins that handed him the White House.. Georgia may not participate in next year's March 3 presidential voting. Originally, Super Tuesday was a mostly Southern affair, intended to.

WASHINGTON — Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump each won the lion’s share of the Super Tuesday states as they moved closer to their parties’ presidential nominations. On the day.

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After Super Tuesday, Clinton and Trump look beyond primaries Upcoming Events · About. But these rules were adopted in an era when presidential primary fields. New York has also moved its primary ahead of Super Tuesday.. alienated Sanders voters, depressing turnout in November among. in 20 different states in order to qualify for the Democratic debates,

Boomers Gave Us Clinton and Trump, the Grateful Dead and the Sharper Image. Everything we love and hate about ourselves is about to square off in a Boomer Battle Royale.

According to the popular polling website Five Thirty Eight, Hillary Clinton has a "greater than 99% chance" of winning Florida and North Carolina this coming Tuesday — Super Tuesday 3, for those counting at home — as well as a 98% chance of winning Ohio, a 95% chance of winning Illinois, and an 80% chance of winning Missouri.

(CNN) – Super Tuesday is here, and as the presidential race goes national, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are hoping to put themselves way ahead. Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio need strong turnouts.