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At the height of the housing market collapse, "rocket docket" courts could hear 1000 mortgage forclosure cases a day. Not much time for due.

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The state’s rocket docket was started last June to speed up foreclosures in the five counties, which had been flooded with a back-log of 40,000 Judges rapidly pushing through Florida’s rocket docket ignore court rules and often issue final judgments on foreclosure proceedings the same day a case.

McMonagle, who is now unemployed, said he came to the court on Tuesday morning ready to defend his case. His defense, he said, is that his bank no longer. and "rocket docket" which were used to.

Immigration advocates dubbed the policy the “rocket docket. cases. Making that call effectively closes the cases; though the judge doesn’t grant a visa or specific form of relief, the undocumented.

With no basement and a garage that’s bursting with stuff. So, that’s where I stand today, and I suspect many of you are in the same boat. Why, why, why would any financial institution want their.

Are foreclosure rocket dockets even constitutional? That’s a very important question that must be analyzed carefully with special It is simply stunning that in the midst of this Foreclosure Crisis, a judge hearing foreclosure cases is not aware of the programs set up by the.

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